Doors And Frames

Door, Frame and Window Design

We support leading manufacturer of Hollow Metal Doors, Frames and Windows for Detention center. Our design of hollow metal steel doors, frames and windows are appropriate for all types of correctional institutions, from minimum security through the most demanding maximum security applications.

Doors and Frames can be customized for various needs to met the following applications:

  • Fire doors
  • Prison doors
  • Jail doors
  • Bullet-resistant doors
  • Thermal break frames
  • Draft and smoke control doors and frames
  • Lead-lined doors
  • Sound doors

Few of different types of doors designed is shown below


Customization possible for the doors.

  1. 12 Ga or 14 Ga sheet thickness
  2. Glazing space varying from .5″ to 2.5″
  3. Food passage
  4. Various type of lock options
  5. Various type of sensor options
  6. Various type of closers etc.