We offer customized Engineering and Design services to clients in making innovative products and equipment’s across the globe. Our experience includes product design, existing product improvements, and life-cycle management for products such as printers, ATMs, consumer products, optical systems, metrology tools, vacuum chambers, gas boxes, special purpose machines, and more



We are committed to providing high quality engineering service whether your project is large or small. It could be a complex sub-system or simple objects such as a support bracket, Projects are professionally managed to ensure quality standards, client IP protection and timeline management.

Our Engineers have Diverse Knowledge on various Material Properties and suitability for different applications. We have good experience in use of Sheet Metal, Plastic and Machined parts across our Design.

Our solutions are cost effective and have unique business models to meets need of short or long term projects. We work on a

  • Fixed Bid (per project basis)
  • Time and Material (T & M) Mode.

Plastic Design

 Hand  held Printer design

Our Engineering team has very good understanding of Plastic Product Design for Injection Molding. Our team has Designed Injection Molds for various parts like Automotive Interior components, wireless modem, Connectors etc and graduated to Design of Plastic parts and Products for Molding.

Injection Molded Plastics component Design often require a deeper knowledge of the plastics manufacturing terminologies such as Parting line, Side cores, Drafts etc needed for Moldability. Tooling for plastics is often expensive and plastic parts are not as durable as metal. Good plastic design can


  • Industrial Design  in the form of 3D model
  • Design Guidelines specifying functional and aesthetic requirements

Project Execution Responsibilities

  • Explore cost saving options in terms of ease of Mold design, cost of assembly, Handling etc.
  • Follow Industrial Design given by client and package all internal components as per client guidelines
  • Develop moldable plastic part/assembly design, meeting the entire functional requirement given by the client.
  • Model conversion according to tooling requirements such as drafts, retaining MMC for critical dimensions, rounds addition etc.
  • Parting Line based on – component profile / ease of splitting.
  • Draft / Undercut analysis.
  • Implement Top Down design approach,Prototyping and improvements after study
  • Coordinate work among Mechanical, Hardware, software team and client engineers.

Enclosure Design

Design of plastic  wireless modem enclosure to meet the requirement of the client by adding  draft angle 0f 3° for easy ejection of the part from the mold & rounds on the sharper edges to avoid risk of failure like shrinkage ,sink marks & longer cooling time. From design point of view vent is provide on the female enclosure for ventilation & also from tooling point open vents are much easier & Cheaper to make.

  • Reduce Mold costs
  • Increase Mold Life
  • Ensure parts have proper strength
  • Appearance is not compromised due Sink or Gating issues

Our Engineers have extensive experience in plastics and plastic Component design.  Also the team is aware of various other Plastic manufacturing techniques such as thermoforming, rotational molding, blow molding, compression molding, RIM, SLA, SLS, Soft tool casting and more.

We can also support on DFM review of plastic parts comprising of the following activities

  • Moldabilty review and Design updates without compromise on Design Intent
  • Interaction with Tooling vendor to make updates as per Tooling requirements

Sheet Metal Design

Our team has extensive experience in sheet metal design. Be it is a simple cover or complex fold up for internal structure, we have the design experience to bring your sheet metal product to life.

We have worked on sheet metal covers/enclosures, stampings, bracketry, Panels, EMI enclosures, laser systems and more. Our past experience allows us to design new sheet metal parts in an extremely rapid fashion. Our design considers proper tolerances and manufacturing methods to provide most cost effective solutions.

Using CAD tools like

  • ProE (Wildfire and Creo)
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCad
  • Inventor

We help to Engineer your products for Manufacturability and Replication.

By developing designs to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process, we can offer significant cost and weight savings, creating opportunities that enable our customers to keep their competitive edge.

Design of sheet metal Enclosure which is to be used in  gas box application based on the requirement of the clients some of them which are listed below:

  • Enclosure designed to accommodate panel-mounted manifolds and gas handling systems
  • Off the shelf Hardware selections: Hinges, Handles, Fire Rated windows and Door Locks to meet safety, cleanroom or Sub-fab requirements
  • Design to have self-closing doors, self-closing limited access ports or fire rated windows
  • Separate compartment for gases according to their hazard classification.
  • Exhaust ports addition
  • Conforms to SEMI S2, S8 and F14
  • UL Labeled
  • Helium Leak Test  1×10-9 atm-cm3/sec  (requirement built into Design)
  • Torquing of Fasteners (requirement built into Design)
  • CoG for Standalone Gas box is verified to ensure  the box does not tip over for  a +/-10 degree  tilt