Design  of  OPTO-Mechanical equipment, optical alignment tooling, kinematic mounting systems. fixtures, and more. Analysis capabilities including ray tracing, optical components selection, and dimensional analysis. Our Mechanical Engineers have gained expert knowledge by alongside Optical Scientists to develop optical systems and metrology equipment deployed in the semi-conductor industry


  • Opto-mechanical design is key to any optical system performance.  Our Mechanical Engineers have gained expert knowledge working alongside Optical Engineers/Scientists to develop optical systems and metrology equipment deployed in the semiconductor industry.


  • Opto-Mechanical Equipment Design
  • Optical Alignment tooling and Fixture
  • Ray Tracing
  • Selection of Optical Components and Opto-Mechanical Mounts
  • Design of Custom Mounts using Kinematic principles
  • 3D Model and 2D Drawings creations
  • Assembly Procedure and Operating Procedure documentation

Our Expertise

Knowledge of sub-micron precision requirements and their impact during design, manufacturing and use.

  • Maximizing performance without excessively tight tolerances on dimensions.
  • Optimized number of mechanical adjustments built into design of the instruments.
  • Establish tolerance budgets after analyzing the sensitivities of aberrations to component positional errors.
  • Design structures for maximum possible stiffness within weight and packaging constraints.
  • Optical systems such as those shown below have much higher design and manufacturing tolerances than most machinery. Our Engineers, with good understanding of the needed stability, precision, mechanical acquisition methodology and material properties are able to design systems that meet or exceed system requirements.
  • Optical systems generally require the expertise of an optical engineer who focuses solely on the system’s optical performance
  •    An opto-mechanical engineer who designs the system’s mounting, adjustment mechanism and other features

Our Engineers have worked on various sub-systems such as

  • Beam Expander :  With built-in features for Beam alignment
  • Power Measurement tool :   For High Power Laser Beam
  • Optical delay cell
  • Layout and Mounts:  For a range of Optical components such as  Optical Slicer (EOM), Bragg Protection AOMs, Beam Combiners, Beam splitters, Power Meters, Optical Isolators etc.
  • Beam Benders: Water cooled copper mirrors used Tip/Tilt precision adjustment mechanism provided to point the beam in the correct direction
  • Our Team is experienced with various types of optical systems. But If a project requires dedicated optical engineering, we can bring in an expert Optical Engineer to support.